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Unpretentious and hardy hunter, wary of outsiders. Used for night hunting for fox, badger, raccoon dog. Indispensable jagd terrier in the search and supply of the battered bird from the water and work on the hoofed.ягдтерьер характеристика породы

History and standard

The breed of jagd terrier is still quite young - it is not even 100 years old. The ancestors of these dogs were German and English fox terriers. At the beginning of the last century, a group of hunter-enthusiasts decided to create the perfect burrowing breed of dogs.

At the beginning of the experiment, German thoroughbred black and light English fox terriers were mixed. Black-and-black puppies were born. The next stage of selection was led by Dr. Herbert Luckner.

As a result of serious tribal work and successful crossings with Old English terriers and Welsh terriers in 1925 was born black-and-tan terrier, which had a powerful hunting instinct and magnificent working qualities. The dog was distinguished by courage, pressure, fighting character. At the same time, she was remarkably balanced and faithful. The breed was called the Jagdterrier (German Jagdterrier).

In 1926, Germany's first fan club was registered. Officially, the breed was recognized in 1981. At the same time, an international standard was developed.щенки ягдтерьера


A small muscular dog with a slightly elongated format, dry and strong physique, a tight backbone and an elongated head.

The growth of an adult is no more than 40 cm (male) and 38 cm (bitch). Weight - from 8 to 11 kg.

The yagdterrier (the photo of which you see in our article) has a thick, smooth and rather rough coat, with a dense undercoat. There are two varieties of animals - smooth-haired and hard-haired.

These varieties differ only in the quality of hair cover, and therefore are considered one breed. Hard-haired individuals have longer hair on the ears and paws, in addition, they have a beard.

The standard allows three colors: dark brown, black and gray-black with a tan. Until a few years ago, the standard allowed brown-toe color, but today such animals are not allowed to breed. Despite this, puppies with such a fur coat from time to time are born. Animals have a strong backbone, powerful musculature.ягдтерьер фото


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يوم العلم الروسي. سيناريو العطلة

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يوم الدفاع المدني لعموم روسيا (4 أكتوبر): تاريخ وميزات العطلة

يوم الدفاع المدني لعموم روسيا (4 أكتوبر): تاريخ وميزات العطلة

في منتصف الخريف ، تحتفل روسيا بيوم الدفاع المدني. في 4 أكتوبر ، نتذكر جميعا مدى أهمية الحماية والسلامة لشعب البلاد. لماذا هذا التاريخ بالذات? كيف بدأ كل ذلك ؟ كم من الوقت تم الاحتفال بهذا العيد؟ يوم الدفاع المدني الروسي. القليل من التاريخ لذلك ، ما ...

Wool and care for her

Regardless of the type of dog's fur, it perfectly protects the animal from bad weather. The smooth-haired jagd terrier has a short, smooth and densely adjacent to the body wool. In a hard-haired animal it is longer, but just as tightly fits to the body. It is necessary to distinguish another subspecies - rough-haired jagd terrier. The characteristics of the breed to it relates in full. Except for the wool. It has two layers. The upper one is very dense and in its structure resembles a wire. Very dense and short undercoat is the second layer. On the muzzle the wool is longer, it creates characteristic of this breed eyebrows and beard.

The dog jagd terrier needs regular combing (at least once a week).


This is a completely fearless and determined dog. Nature rewarded her with an aggressive attitude to predators and burrow animals. Jagd terrier, the photo of which can be found only in special cynological editions, the character is quite complex. He is adamant and willy, his temper is quite harsh. Dogs are very wary of strangers, but they are not afraid and do not show unjustified aggression. Their work (hunting) is very much loved and get from it a real pleasure.

Jagd terrier, the characteristic of the breed of which positions him as a very severe creature, to his master tied with all his soul, becomes infinitely devoted to him. The rest of the family members are defiantly ignored.

The dog jagd terrier can be very stubborn, but it is always mobile, full of life, extremely energetic, sociable with the owner.

Jagdterier, the reviews of which are quite contradictory, can get along with the children. This happens only if they do not offend the animal and do not bother with excessive attention. Since this dog has the strongest hunting instinct, the relationship with other pets somehow does not add up. It follows that these animals need socialization, and at an early age, and systematic training. In the absence of education and proper control are prone to vagrancy.

Jagd terriers are real hunters. They are distinguished by a subtle flair and boundless courage. This is a complex dog in need of strict upbringing. It's not suitable for a novice dog breeder.

It is not only the outstanding hunting characteristics that are famous for the jagd terrier. The characteristics of the breed testify to its magnificent watching instincts.собака ягдтерьер


The jag-terrier, the price of which is quite high, is naturally endowed with strong health. Of course, you can't rule out injuries on the hunt or during sports. But representatives of any other breed are not immune from this. In addition, the dog can get an infectious disease. To prevent them, it is necessary to observe the schedule of vaccinations.

Fortunately, these animals are virtually uns prone to geneticdiseases that lead to a certain hereditary predisposition. This convinces you that with proper care your pet will live quite a long time.

Content and care

Jagd terrier (reviews of dog breeders convince us of this) does not require complex care. As mentioned, once a week it is necessary to comb the dog's hair, so that it is not confused and has a beautiful and healthy appearance.

The animal should be bathed as it is contaminated, as well as after its stay in an open body of water. In addition, it is necessary to regularly clean the ears and teeth of the animal. In the case when the claws do not become stable on their own, they should be pruned.

Jagd terrier needs significant daily physical activity. More comfortable he feels in a large yard, where the dog could run on its own as much as it needs. When kept in the apartment, the animal becomes restless and very restless. In addition to freedom of movement, the yagd terrier needs attention and love.

Favorite "work"

It should not be forgotten that in the first place it is a hunting dog. It works perfectly in burrows on badger, fox, raccoon, easily "raises" the beast, works superbly in water, on wild boar, on the blood trail.

With proper training, the jagd terrier performs all commands, except the rack and the apology of heavy game. Often these dogs are bred as pets, but it is advisable only if the owner is active, likes to travel, relax in nature.ягдтерьер отзывы

Hunting in burrows

Most of these dogs are used by hunters to hunt for burrowing animals. Experienced jagd terriers press, and then pull the prey out of the hole. When hunting goes to a badger, you have to open the hole. And at this time the dog of the beast barks and does not give him the opportunity to bury.

Often the yagd terrier weighs two or even three times less than the beast, but at the same time boldly attacks it.

Boar hunting

The hunters are very happy with the work of these dogs on the boar. Due to their anger towards the animal, these dogs receive higher marks than other breeds, such as huskies. It should be taken into account that with a significant snow cover their capabilities are significantly reduced.

Jagd terrier training

This strong and hardy dog needs a dominant owner. However, it is better to give up hard training methods. Training should be conducted firmly, consistently and fairly.

The training is simple and very smart jagd terrier. Characteristics of the breed allows us to conclude that these animals seek to fulfill all the requirements of the owner. They are quite easy to adapt to any conditions, without problems change the place of residence, feel comfortable in long hikes.порода ягдтерьер


From all that said it becomes clear that the energy of these dogs beats the key. They need significant physical activity. The jag-terrier should not be kept in a city apartment. It will be difficult for him to live with a lazy and sedentary owner.


Jagd terriers are omnivores, but if you want to sharpen his already developed hunting instinct, feed it raw meat. The diet can be any, but the food an adult dog should receive twice a day. It is preferable to do it in the morning and in the evening, and the puppies of the jagdter terrier receive food from five times a day. Gradually, by the year, the number of feedings is reduced to two.

Choosing a dog

Yagd terrier puppies are always similar to their parents, so when choosing a baby, try to get to know them. The living conditions are important, not only for the baby, but also for adult dogs.

Ask the breeder features of the puppy's psyche, the state of his health. You need to know what kind of vaccinations he's been vaccinated for. If you need a good companion for hunting, you should pay attention to the animals whose parents won at exhibitions and various competitions.

Puppies should be fat, energetic and very active. If the puppy is under a year too dry, it may mean that he may have worms. A thin baby may have a wrong backbone, which is quite difficult to restore.

Notice the behavior of the little jag terrier. If he starts to resist, actively break out of your hands, turn out, playfully attack, you can be sure - you will grow a great hunter.дрессировка ягдтерьера

Owner reviews

According to people who have such a four-legged friend, with the right upbringing, he becomes a faithful and devoted companion, an excellent hunter. Jagdterier, the price of which ranges from 8 to 20 thousand rubles, faithful and devoted creature. But remember: in the absence of socialization can be dangerous for other pets.

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