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Now you and I will puzzle over how to pack a suitcase properly, going to near and far places of our planet for a long enough time so that we need all the things we take with us. It often happens that they all gather literally in the last hour before leaving for the train station (to the port/airport), shove inside the poor suitcase, tamper, crumple, break, tear... And all this action, of course, takes place in a wild rush and hassle. We will not bring it to this and think slowly about how to fit in a limited suitcase volume one and a half times more things than usual.

How to pack a suitcase correctlyBefore you pack your suitcase for a vacation, lay out all the things that you intend to take with you. One hundred percent will get an impressive "exhibition". Try to reduce it at the expense of things:

- which are of secondary importance to you compared to others;

- appropriate where you are going, about the same as sunglasses on a polar night;

- which you can say with confidence that you will use them once or twice;

- which can be purchased at the place of arrival;

- worn on themselves (only without fanaticism!).

How to pack a suitcaseAdjust the composition of clothing according to the weather forecast, which can be quickly tracked on the Internet. Otherwise, you will drag an unwanted sweater to where the hot weather has set in.

There will be no difficulties in how to pack a suitcase correctly if you remember the "laundry rule": the longer the trip, the more you need to take it. Unless, of course, you want to do laundry on vacation.

All travel shoes will fit into three pairs: sneakers (for hiking), sandals (for free walks) and beach flip-flops. Well, if you plan to visit a restaurant, you can not do without high-heeled shoes.

Do not confuse a cosmetic bag with a first aid kit. In the first one, only a small amount of your favorite cosmetics should remain, everything else can be purchased on the spot. Form a first aid kit from what you will not be able to find later. Be sure to take with you remedies for colds and its symptoms, headaches and cramps, heart pain, digestive disorders and burns.

Everything that can leak due to pressure drops or careless loading (toothpaste, cream, spray, shampoo, etc.) should be put in a separate sealed bag or two, for warranty.

An important condition in how to properly pack a suitcase is the safety of documents. Therefore, purchase a transparent, zippered folder in advance. Put everything in it that should not be spoiled under any circumstances.

How to pack a suitcase for a vacationSo, everything is ready. But how to pack things in a suitcase, those that you have finally selected?

To begin with, let's do a little experiment. Take a T-shirt, dress, jeans and roll each piece of clothing tightly so that you get a roller. And then expand them. Hocus pocus! They are not crumpled at all! And at the same time they take up much less space! Let's take this into account.

Shoes occupy the space at the bottom near the walls of the suitcase. In it, as in a case, you can put a watch, glasses, tie and other small things. The bottom layer is formed from jeans and trousers. Above them - lighter wardrobe items, above - the lightest (dresses, T-shirts, shirts). Roll the rollers rolled out of them as tightly as possible, and nothing will move from its places during transportation. Finally, the very top should be occupied by a cosmetic bag, a bag with toiletries, a folder with documents.

And now close the suitcase. Well how? Didn't you have to "dance" on the lid to make the zipper, straps and other fasteners come together? That's it!

Now, knowing how to pack a suitcase correctly, you will be able to cope with it not only more efficiently, but also faster. Even time pressure will not cause stress - after all, you really take the most necessary things with you!

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