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A film for furniture is a simple and at the same time effective solution when you need to refresh the appearance of interior items or protect them from external harmful influences. At the same time, the abundance of various color solutions allows you to choose the most optimal option. And the simplicity of applying a decorative and protective coating makes it possible to perform this type of work with your own hands.

furniture filmThe film for furniture is an elastic, but quite durable material. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, which means that it has all the advantages of this material. Among all the positive qualities , it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Moisture resistance. The upper protective layer of the coating is not afraid of moisture.
  2. Heat resistance. It perfectly tolerates temperature changes.
  3. Chemical resistance. She is not afraid of the effects of cleaning agents, which greatly simplifies her care.

In the furniture business, such material has found wide distribution. With its help, you can easily update the appearance of old furniture or make it a re-design. The film is also ideal for performing repair work. It allows you to hide various defects, such as chips and cracks.

pvc film for furnitureIn order to apply a decorative coating on the furniture, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. That is, rinse, dry and degrease the pasted surface. If the PVC film for furniture will be applied to untreated wood, then it should be covered with a primer or polyester varnish. In the case of an uneven surface, it should be plastered, then sanded and treated with an acrylic primer. When working with plastic, glass or metal, the pasted product must be washed using cleaning agents.

When the surface of the furniture is prepared, you can start pasting with a decorative coating. But first you should read the instructions that are written on the inside of the roll. All the necessary information is there. But the general work plan looks like this:

  1. According to the marking located on the wrong side of the roll, the workpiece should be cut. In this case, you should make a small margin of 1-2 cm on each side.
  2. decorative film for furnitureDecorative film for furniture has a protective layer, which should be separated by about 5 centimeters. When pasting a glass or plastic surface, it is better to remove the protective layer completely. The adhesive part must be combined with the upper corners of the glued furniture element. In order not to form bubbles, the film should be smoothed with a soft towel in the direction from the center to the edge. When pasting round corners, the film should be heated with a household hairdryer, then bent and pressed. In the case of rectangular corners, the decorative coating must be trimmed, rolled up and glued.
  3. Then it is necessary to move further, gradually separating the protective layer and pressing the decorative coating to the pasted surface. If the film for furniture sticks too quickly, then you can sprinkle the furniture with powder. This will significantly increase the setting time. If some bubbles do not go away, then you can get rid of them by piercing the coating with a needle.
  4. In order for the furniture film to stick to the surface, it should be smoothed for a long time.
  5. 2 hours after application, the glue should dry completely. After that, you can cut off the excess material with a conventional stationery knife.

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