How to descale an iron? Folk and scientific methods


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An iron in the house is a familiar and irreplaceable thing. And the situation when this appliance ceases to perform its functions at the most inopportune moment is akin to the end of the world. And how great is the chagrin if, while ironing light clothes, you notice that traces of yellow or brown remain after the iron. And all this is because the device is contaminated with soot and scale. How to save your electric assistant? Our tips will help you deal with this problem. So, the topic of this article is "How to descale an iron". We study useful information to descale iron


This function has been developed in almost all modern models of electrical appliances for ironing clothes. How to remove scale from the iron with it is described in detail in the instructions. As a rule, the principle of self-cleaning is as follows: pour water into the tank, heat the device to the maximum temperature. Then wait until the iron cools down, turns on again, heats up and turns off. Next, you need to take the device to the sink and press the self-cleaning button above it. The carbon will fly out with the steam.

how to remove scale from iron

Hot iron baths

How to descale an iron if it does not have the above function? And make him hot baths. To do this, prepare a metal container with sides (frying pan, baking sheet), two wooden sticks.

We build a structure: we put sticks (or metal tubes) on the bottom of the container, we put the sole of the iron on them. Descaling agent, which can be bought in the household chemicals department in any store, is diluted in hot water according to the instructions and pour the solution into the pan. There should be such an amount of liquid in the container that it covers the sole of the iron by one and a half to two centimeters. Make sure that it is no longer there, otherwise water will penetrate to the electrical components of the device and damage them. Industrial descaling agent can be replaced with vinegar (100 grams per 0.5 liters of water) or citric acid (1 large spoon per 200 grams of water).

How to clean the iron from scale using such a bath? Everything is simple and fast. Put the container on low heat and heat for a quarter of an hour. After that, wipe the sole with a dry towel, heat the iron and release steam over the sink. Repeat these manipulations several times. At the bottom of the sink, you can see all the scum that came out of the ironing device.

how to descale iron

Cold iron bath

Do you think how to descale the iron with a more gentle method? Take note of this method. Mix water and vinegar in equal proportions (9%). Pour this solution into a container with sides, put an iron in it for an hour and a half. Make sure that only the sole of the device is in the liquid. Acetic acid quickly corrodes rubber parts, and can also harm the electrical mechanism of the iron. After that, wipe the device dry, heat it up and let off steam in the way described above.

Now you know how to descale the iron correctly. These methods are effective and safe for an electrical appliance, if, of course, you adhere to the rules of their implementation. Clean the iron regularly, avoiding critical contamination. Let your device serve you for many years.

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