Floor lamps with a table – a forgotten element of the interior


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Quite often, seemingly long-forgotten objects return to the interior of our apartments and look modern and organic in them. This can be said about floor lamps. Perhaps someone else remembers how warm and cozy it was in Grandma's room, which was illuminated by his soft light.

floor lamps with table

Floor lamps with a table in a modern apartment

Today, these lighting devices have changed a lot in appearance compared to their predecessors. In addition, their functional loads have also changed. Now floor lamps with a table, the photos of which you see in this article, are successfully used by designers to divide the room into functional zones. Such a lamp will be very appropriate for the chair in which you are comfortably settled with a book. In addition, the floor lamps produced today are very beautiful. They will decorate any interior. Nowadays, trade organizations offer such a large selection of these products that you can choose them for any interior style.

Advantages of floor lamps

Many people prefer to complement their living room or bedroom with other lamps – sconces, night lights, etc. However, for such devices it is required to make holes in the walls for wiring and switches. For a floor lamp, you will only need a socket, and you will be able to carry it to where it will be needed. Modern floor lamps, floor lamps in particular, are equipped with special switches with which you can independently adjust the brightness of the lighting. For any table lamp, some kind of table or pedestal is needed, and floor lamps with a table are placed where it is convenient for you, and themselves serve as a place on which you can put a watch, glasses, mobile phone or alarm clock. Installed sconces you will not be able to move so easily to a new place, and floor lamps with a table are convenient precisely because of their mobility, which other lighting devices lack.

floor lamps with table photo

Varieties of floor lamps

Their height ranges from 1 to 2.5 meters. If earlier models had a fixed base, now new samples are adjustable in height, change the angle of inclination. Lampshades of modern floor lamps also differ in shape and material. Previously, our grandmothers had nothing to choose from. The classic version was a lampshade made of fabric. Today, designers use plastic, metal, glass and even paper for this purpose. Floor lamps with a table not only save space in the room, replacing the usual coffee table or bedside table, but also look great in any interior. Of course, there are elite and very expensive models made of natural wood and glass with a pattern. But you can also pick up floor lamps with a table of the middle price class, which everyone can afford.

floor lamps floor lamps

Safe and high-quality materials are used for the manufacture of floor lamps with a table. You can choose models in the Art Nouveau, classic, high-tech, etc. Their cost varies from 8 to 200 thousand rubles, so each buyer can choose a model according to their financial capabilities.

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