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Cartoons are all revised, books are re-read, crafts are made of plasticine. It's bad weather outside, and you're wondering what to do with the little sister who was left at home with you. There are several interesting ideas in this regard. Consider them below.

what to do with a little sister

"Fairy tunnel"

You need to take a large cardboard box, which usually remain after buying large household appliances. We stick our head and hands into one end of the improvised tunnel to lure our sister. Kids from one to seven years old like such adventures very much. A particularly funny game will turn out if there are two children, so there should be no questions about what to do with a brother or sister. If you haven't found such a box, a diaper pack will do. If it doesn't turn out to be there, old wallpaper will do, only tape will be needed for the construction of the tunnel.

what can I do with young children

The game "Roller coaster ride"

What to do with a child (sister or younger brother)? Take a ride. To create an improvised slide, you will need a wide board (more than 60 cm), for example, an old shelf or an unnecessary closet door. It needs to be installed with a tilt, you can put it on the sofa by placing one end of the board on it (the second is on the floor). You can roll cars, balls and other similar things that the girl will have from the slide. Build castles and towers at the foot, build gates for toys rolling down. And you can roll a child down the hill, for example, on a pillow – delight is guaranteed.

Fine motor skills development

What can I do with young children? The answer is simple: to develop motor skills, and in an interesting way. Kids love manipulations with small objects, besides, such actions are very useful.


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There are hundreds of options: pouring beans from a mug into a cup with a spoon, catching beans from the water with a strainer and peeling them out of the pods, even the usual cleaning of a boiled egg will take the child a few minutes. You can give a few quail instead of chicken, then the interest will be heated longer.

what to do with a baby sister

Take the box, cut a small hole in it and invite the baby to put small objects there - buttons, coins and so on. What to do with your little sister next? Open the box and discover the stacked treasures with joy!

Beads can be made from dried fruits and pasta, this will take the girl and allow her to make jewelry for herself.

Creative evening

You were left with the kids, and you don't know what to do in the garden with a friend and a little sister? You can start drawing. In nature, there are great opportunities for choosing a landscape.what to do in the garden with a friend and a little sister

But if you are afraid that the kids will dirty everything around, then go back to the house and paint in the bathroom with finger paints or gouache (they are well washed). You can glue a large paper on the wall and fantasize.

What to do with a little sister besides drawing? By cutting out paper figures of animals and cartoon characters. In the future, animals can be used for theatrical productions. If your sister is at least two years old, then give her plastic scissors (it is important that they are not sharp!) and let her cut out the characters she likes from old magazines and unnecessary books. Plasticine will also come to the rescue and take the child for a while.

Shadow Theater class

The shadow by hand creates a whole fantastic world, depicting the heroes of different fairy tales and cartoons. For those who do not know what to do with a little sister, this is an ideal entertainment option. Depict a bunny, a dog, a cow, a parrot, a swan, a snake and a lot of other animals. There are no restrictions here. My sister will certainly appreciate your efforts and reward you with a bubbly laugh and a great mood for the rest of the day.

Soft toys will help to organize a real puppet theater performance. By changing the timbre of the voice, voice several animals. If a child is over two years old, then he will not only look at such an activity with pleasure, but also take part in it, voicing some hero or even several. If the child is younger, let him be a spectator, because it is no less interesting.

what to do with a brother or sister

Classes with animals

If there are pets at home, then boredom does not threaten the baby. It is important to teach a child from childhood the correct treatment of animals. Most likely, the child himself will reach out to play with a kitten or a dog, he will come up with a lot of fun, and you will only have to watch what is happening with emotion. Some kids play catch-up with animals, while others explore the apartment space together.

what to do with a brother or sister

At the same time, it is important to monitor their joint pastime so that the animal does not accidentally injure the child during games, and the baby observes all precautions in communicating with the pet, especially if he is visiting you and they are not used to each other yet.

Water games

Fill the tub. You can add a little foam. Let the child play with water by filling various containers (even real bowls and pots). Juice tubes will come in handy to make funny bubbles. With the help of dishes for dolls, you can arrange an exciting tea party (however, make sure that the child does not swallow water). When organizing games in the bathroom, keep in mind that the baby will not be left alone for a minute.


Nothing should deprive a child of small joys. Of course, you can turn on cartoons for your sister or give her a lot of toys for self-study, but it's much more fun to spend time with benefits, especially if you don't have to be with your sister very often.

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