What should be toys for children 3 years old. Educational toys from 3 years old: photos, prices


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Growing up, the child learns the richness and diversity of the surrounding world through games and educational activities. With the help of toys, young children learn to build relationships, experience various emotions, try to understand their own desires and aspirations. For the harmonious development of the baby, it is important for him to feel like a pioneer. Choosing the best toys for 3 years in the store, you need to try to make them diverse: they were taught to act according to certain rules, developed imagination, introduced new social phenomena. That is why it is necessary to approach a new purchase selectively and thoughtfully.

Game start

In the third year of a little person's life, game moments are born. He begins to be more interested in the actions that produce toys, the possibility of various manipulations with them. This cannot yet be called a full-fledged game, because the child is not yet fully aware of his creative business activity, he is only trying new opportunities. Toys for children 3 years old allow you to perform simple actions that reflect daily life events: put the doll to sleep, rock her in a small stroller, feed her, carry cars, load them with cubes.

The child may repeat the same actions several times, which do not have a logical sequence. For example, to lay down a tower of blocks, immediately destroy it and start construction again. For adults, such actions may seem chaotic and inconsistent at first glance. But for a kid, this is a good study and consolidation of skills.

Parents' help

Children's play, reflecting various life processes, is an important stage in the development of a small person. Parents should take part in classes, unobtrusively helping the child to learn new actions and opportunities. Feed the doll together from a spoon, wrap it in a blanket, put loads in the car body, build a house. Push the child to a new game, but in no case do not interfere with him. Keep yourself from the temptation to interfere in the process and show "how to do it right". Explain incomprehensible things with simple logical phrases.


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Leaving a child alone with toys is also not worth it, it can quickly get bored. Bringing home children's toys from 3 years old, give the baby the opportunity to open the package on his own and be the first to look under the lid. It will be very interesting for him to consider a new fun, touch it, try it in action.

How to choose toys

In the store, always pay attention to the age recommendations, which are necessarily on the package. Buy complex and functional toys for children 3 years old.

The attention of kids is very unstable, they are easily distracted by other activities, quickly losing interest in new purchases. Adults are sometimes perplexed – they bought a toy that the child chose in the store himself, but he does not want to play with it. It is quite possible that the new acquisition does not correspond to the age or development of the baby. Too simple or very difficult toys turn out to be uninteresting to him. If the child failed to master the novelty and quickly cooled down to it, then it is better to put the thing away and offer it to the baby when he grows up a little.

Development of motor activity

To stimulate the physical actions of children, it is worth paying attention to various types of sports toys. A tricycle will be a good purchase. On it, you can first learn how to drive around the apartment, then go outside.

Children's toys for boys and girls should help them move more, so you will need balls of different sizes, hoops, plastic skittles, cars. Inflatable toys for water games and a swimming circle will be useful.

Teach your child to design

Collapsible toys for 3-year-olds and construction kits teach kids new actions (folding, assembling, connecting), introduce them to various properties of objects (size, shape, color), help develop imagination. The child plays well with cubes, sand molds, builds pyramids, puts colored sticks and balls. Simple geometric shapes of objects help to master design manipulations.

Choose sets of wooden construction parts of different shapes and sizes (cubes, blocks, pyramids, rings). Such kits will be interesting to the kid for several years. Small elements can be designed on the table, large buildings can be conveniently created on the floor. From individual parts, you can assemble a house, doll furniture, a car garage, paths, bridges, slides and much more. A good helper will be a small Lego-type constructor with large parts. They are easy to hold in your hands, connect with each other.

The child can be shown how to use the surrounding objects in the game. Chairs make a great car, and a cozy house from a table covered with a blanket. Designing helps to develop creative thinking, mental abilities of the child, promotes concentration and concentration of attention. Through the creation of new objects, children enrich their understanding of the properties of various objects and their spatial arrangement. In addition, working with designers develops fine and large motor skills of children's hands well.

Themed toys for girls 3 years old

Important in the development of the baby are objects that allow you to repeat the actions and deeds of adults. It is desirable that the girl must have such toys:

  • Dolls – several pieces of different types with long hair;
  • A set of kitchen utensils – pots, frying pan, kettle;
  • A table set of large objects - plates, cups, spoons;
  • Plastic products - vegetables, fruits, meat;
  • Bed, clothes for dolls;
  • Care items - stroller, bed, pacifier, bottle, diapers, comb and others.

Classes with themed toys give children the necessary experience, which will later turn into real life. Such games serve as a model of future family life.

During this period, parents should be very careful in their conversations, trying to avoid discussion and criticism of educators, other children and their parents. Three-year-olds copy gestures well and repeat all the words they heard at home. This may concern people around them, who are unlikely to like such information from children's mouths.

Educational toys from 3 years old

Children may be interested in layout books, lotto with bright drawings, cards with colored pictures. At this age, kids are able to independently flip through the pages of books (preferably with thick paper) and look at illustrations, recognizing familiar objects (animals, plants, people, etc.) on them.

You can read a short fairy tale to your child, accompanying book events with expressive pictures. At first, the baby will just listen, and then begin to recognize and show individual items. Drawings should be large and clear, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

The kid will definitely be interested in logical thinking games, in which you will need to put together a drawing of several elements (cubes, cardboard squares). Wall posters with images of animals, birds, and seasons will also contribute to the development of imagination.

Professional interests

Kids often play games in which they imitate people of various professions. It is very useful to buy educational toys (2-3 years) in the form of sets of a seller, doctor, locksmith, builder. The stores offer a large selection of kits with equipment elements so that the child gets more information about various professional opportunities. Such items include a doctor's cap, a police cap, a chef's hat, a fire or construction helmet.

When buying professional toys for a 3-year-old boy, you need to try to make them reflect different types of human activities. These can be cars (ambulance, crane, concrete mixer), boats, airplanes. In addition, with the help of toy vehicles, it is good to teach children travel games. For example, to plot the routes of cars around the room with overcoming obstacles. You can choose a suitable place for the airfield and specify the landing point of the aircraft, and then offer the kid to direct the plane in the right direction on his own. Such manipulations contribute to the correct perception of reality.


When arranging a doll's corner, strive to ensure that all toys for girls 3 years old are the same size. Then it will be easier for the child to understand the correspondence of the real volumes of objects. The girl may cry because the dress for the doll will be the wrong size or it turns out that the crib is too small.

Pay attention to the fact that toys for a 3-year-old boy also reflect the correct proportions. The cubes for the truck should not be too large so as not to fall out of the body. Such an annoying misunderstanding can greatly upset the child. At the age of three, many circumstances and objects acquire a special meaning and greater significance than it was before.

Dynamic toys

In the third year of life, a small person clearly shows activity in relation to surrounding objects and the whole world as a whole. Dynamic toys for 3-year-olds convey certain movements caused by the child's efforts. The kid can twist the bundle, push the tumbler doll, launch balloons.

By the type of action, children's toys for boys and girls that transmit the dynamics of movements can be able to:

  • Spin - top, bundle;
  • Swing - horse, tumbler;
  • Roll - balls, bowling balls;
  • Roll - centipede, wheel with bells, hare-drummer;
  • Step – dolls that can move their legs.

Wind-up or electronic toys do not belong to the category of dynamic, because they do not allow the child to comprehend the principle of movement.

A three-year-old child already has an idea of himself and his powers, and feels more confident in the world around him. For the convenience of the baby, it is necessary to allocate him a play corner where he can feel like a sovereign master.

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