Contests for the anniversary of a man are not so difficult to organize!


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Anniversary is a solemn holiday. An adult company is happy to celebrate such dates. However, it is necessary to prepare for them properly. For example, contests for the anniversary of a man must be remembered by all guests.

A good table is not the most important thing

Undoubtedly, no one will argue with the fact that celebrating a birthday will require a chic menu, suitable drinks and appropriate music. But contests for the anniversary of a man allow you to achieve a particularly vivid effect.

People of all ages take part in them with great pleasure. The most important thing is diversity. Contests for a man's anniversary should include sweepstakes, performances, and quizzes. Having carefully planned a plan of their actions, the organizers of the holiday will surely ensure him a huge success.

Contests for a man's anniversary should be very fun

Of course, in all games and tasks you will need a sense of humor. This is exactly what a man needs for an anniversary. Contests are funny and funny, funny and funny – the best way to defuse the situation, dilute the most ordinary feast.

One of these is the game "milk the cow". To do this, medical gloves filled with water are hung on the table. A small hole is made at the tips of each finger. The task of each participant is to "milk" his glove. It's fun not only for them, but also for the audience.

Another funny contest is "guess the animal". You will need to prepare several photos of celebrities in advance. The host and the players he chooses participate in the competition. For each photo – one person. So, the player turns away at the time when the presenter shows a photo of the star. At the same time, he asks you to guess which animal is depicted. It turns out very funny. Everyone sees some famous singer in the photo and starts laughing, and the player assumes that this is some kind of funny animal. As a result, he asks uplifting questions to everyone: "Is he horny or not?", "Is he fat?", "Does he eat grass or meat?", etc. Such games are suitable for a holiday for quite adult people, for example, on the anniversary of 60 years. A man will definitely appreciate such contests. Calm and fun tasks will appeal to all his guests.


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There are also traditional contests...

There are also many games taking place on almost every holiday. Some contests for the anniversary of a man are familiar to all guests, so they will not be news. Nevertheless, over the years, they still continue to cheer up everyone present at parties.

For example, the "thoughts" contest is very popular. The presenter prepares a musical selection in advance, in which various funny statements such as "I'm a chocolate hare" or "every Monday I'm a cucumber" are expressed in songs. The compositions are included at the moment when a specially prepared "magic hat" is put on the head of one of the guests. Thus, the presenter allegedly reads the thoughts of those present.

Mobile contests are also needed

A great anniversary gift is a well-prepared task in order to please the hero of the occasion. In between quiet drinking contests, it is necessary to insert outdoor games.

Here is an example of one of these tasks: the guests are divided into two teams. An inflated balloon is tied to the leg of each participant. The longer the thread, the better. Balls are placed on the floor or on the ground, and on command they begin to be destroyed by rivals. It is necessary to step on them with your feet, not allowing the "enemies" to do this. Owners of burst balls are eliminated from the game.

And here is another interesting option. You can take about ten plastic cups, fill them with a variety of drinks (including spoiled – peppered or salted). Participants must throw ping pong balls at them. Where they get to is where they get drunk.

Contests for art lovers

Those who like art will definitely be impressed by games related to literature or painting. All this can, for example, greatly brighten up the anniversary of a man 55 years old. Contests can be very diverse. One of them is called "guess the picture". In this contest, the presenter must show the players an image covered with a large sheet with a cut-out circle with a diameter of about three centimeters. During the game, you need to move it around the picture. Participants guess what exactly is depicted on it. The winner will be the one who copes with it the fastest.

Literary contests can also be quite fun. You can compose a very interesting unusual story together. Each participant receives a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The presenter starts asking questions. The first one is: "Who?" All players must write the name of their hero at the top of the sheet. After that, the paper is bent so that the written words are not visible. Next, each leaf is passed to its neighbor on the right. The next question is: "Where did you go?" Everyone writes and passes the sheet again. "When?", "Why?", "Why" - the questions of the presenter may be different. After that, the whole company reads the resulting "masterpieces" with pleasure.

Presents can be given not only to the hero of the occasion

Of course, not only the hero of the day can receive a gift at a gala party. Perhaps it sounds a little strange. Nevertheless, even each of the guests present can receive a gift for the anniversary. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy souvenirs for a reward in a variety of games. You can simply help the participants of the celebration on any subject, put them in a bag and hand them to the winners of each contest in turn, pulling at random. In a word, the anniversary can be very fun. The main thing is to know how best to prepare for this!

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