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"Cute fluffy", "little bear" are the first words of people who caught the eye of a small Caucasian shepherd. Puppies are really adorable, but even small ones have a strong character. Before buying, be sure to think about it, you get a bright personality, a reliable friend and a bodyguard who cannot be humiliated and beaten, only in a harmonious relationship he will reveal to you all the depths of his love and selfless devotion.

Origin of the breed

The country that gave us this wonderful beast is, of course, Russia. It's not for nothing that the Caucasian Shepherd Dog harmonizes so well with the harsh Russian winter and dense forests full of wild bears. This is not the result of artificial breeding, but a natural breed whose roots lie in the Caucasus. It was here, on the land of harsh beauty and majestic mountains, 2000 years ago that her ancestors came. Since then, the Caucasian Shepherd has been used as an excellent shepherd. Their main purpose was to scare away wolves. With their appearance and serious character, they inspired awe to the gray tramps.

Since the Caucasus became part of Russia, the breed has spread widely throughout its vast territory. It was used by the military to guard wagons and even in battle, and it also won the love of the ordinary population. In the 90s, the Caucasian Shepherd experienced a real surge in popularity, it was officially recognized all over the world, special kennels for the maintenance and development of the breed appeared.

Caucasian Shepherd, breed characteristics

These are massively built dogs, bright and charming. They cannot be confused with any other dog, they are giants with a wide backbone and well-developed muscles. They do not mind long runs and walks, moreover, they need movement all the time, so life in the apartment is not easy for them. These are self-confident, balanced and calm dogs, their truly regal appearance causes admiration and even some reverence for a giant who is much stronger than a man and could easily kill him, but agreed to be friends. This is the Caucasian Shepherd dog, the characteristics of the breed will be disclosed below so that you have a more complete idea.


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Constitution and breed standards

As already mentioned, they are distinguished by a massive backbone and magnificent musculature. Even Caucasian Shepherd puppies have these qualities. A photo of fluffy babies of a month old demonstrates real cubs, large and clumsy. They will then grow into handsome handsome men, 69-75 cm at the withers, with straight, coarse hair and a thick undercoat. You can easily distinguish them by gender, males are much larger and more massive, with a heavy head and a pronounced mane. Real lions, always ready to defend their rights to the territory in case of encroachment by strangers.

Breed standards are evaluated already in adulthood, so Caucasian Shepherd puppies do not participate in breeding selection. Photos of charming kids performing at the exhibition in the "baby" class can only serve as an opportunity to take the first step on the "career ladder". In fact, each of them has a chance to get a title in the future.

The head should be massive, with a voluminous and wide cranial part. The forehead is broad, slightly convex. The nose lobe is large, black. The ears of the Caucasians are hanging on cartilage, small, high-sitting, according to old standards, they are cut short, today dogs in their natural form are allowed to exhibitions. The eyes are small, oval, set wide apart. The eyelids are dry, tightly fitting, the presence of a drooping eyelid is undesirable. The neck is powerful, slightly shorter than the length of the head. Teeth in a complete set, white, powerful, well developed and tightly fitting to each other. Necessarily a scabbard-like bite.

The movements are free, unhurried and graceful, such a non-moving trot. When accelerating, it turns into a somewhat heavy gallop.

Dog Care

A Caucasian Shepherd dog has appeared in your house. The price you paid for it is quite small, very soon you will see that with her love and devotion she will pay for it a hundredfold. These are very unpretentious dogs that can live under any weather and climatic conditions. Since they are dressed like real bears in a thick fur coat, it is necessary to maintain it in a normal form. There are two types of dogs - short-haired and long-haired. If the first care is reduced to a rare combing, then the second needs to be given more time. The luxurious, long coat will quickly fall off and it will only be necessary to cut out the tangles and wait for the dog to grow again. About 3 times a week it needs to be combed with a frequent comb. Twice a year there is a natural molt, since these dogs usually live on the street, such a natural process practically does not cause trouble to the owners. Be sure to comb out the shepherd dog every day during these periods.

Bathing a big bear should only be necessary. If you are preparing to perform in the ring or your pet is very tired, then you can arrange a bath for him. Prepare in advance a shallow tray into which the dog can enter and a warm water irrigation system. Separately, it is necessary to mention about the care of eyes, ears, nails and paws. Periodically inspect the pet, you should be alerted by any inflammation, suppuration. In any case, it will not hurt to consult a veterinarian.

Power supply

This is the key to the health and long life of your pet, so take responsibility for the choice of feed. There is no doubt that the diet should be balanced, full and varied, include the necessary vitamins and minerals. The easiest way is to seek professional help and choose high-quality ready-made food for your pet, preferably premium class. They are distinguished by high quality and balanced composition. In addition, they do not contain artificial flavors and colors. This is a necessary condition for you to have a beautiful and healthy Caucasian Shepherd dog. The photos shown on the pages of well-known nurseries will tell you what to strive for.

You can raise your pet using natural feeds. Meat must be present in the diet, this is 75% of the total amount of food. For puppies, you can grind it, give it to adults in chunks. Most often it should be boiled, but sometimes you can give it raw. Once a week, you can replace meat with offal and once with sea fish (boiled and raw). The remaining 25% is raw vegetables and fruits, eggs, milk and cottage cheese. Cereals are acceptable in very small quantities, because the body of Caucasians does not digest porridge well. Citrus fruits and legumes should be avoided.

Bran is a useful additive. It is not bad to introduce sprouted wheat, raw tomatoes and cucumbers into the diet. In small quantities, add fish oil to food.


Today, the desired type of Caucasian Shepherd is well defined, so any expert at the exhibition will easily evaluate your pet. If it meets the standards, then you can get an assessment and participate in breeding activities. Then you will need to register at the kennel club, where they will pick up a pair for you. When the pet reaches a certain age, you will be invited to mating. This will be your contribution to the development of such a wonderful breed as the Caucasian Shepherd. Photos of both parents should be posted on the website in advance so that they can slowly pick up the owners for future babies.

Do not forget that the expectant mother requires care, attention and proper nutrition. When the babies appear, you will also have to connect to taking care of them, and from about the 15th day of life to provide them with four meals a day.

Diseases of sheepdogs

Despite their fearless appearance, these dogs are also susceptible to many diseases. Puppies have a rather weak gastrointestinal tract, they are often affected by enteritis. Adults can live under any climatic conditions, but they are very sensitive to drafts and can catch pneumonia. Like any large dog, they are prone to joint diseases, such as dysplasia. This is due to the heavy load on this system. Another weak point is the eyes. There is a predisposition to conjunctivitis, cataracts, inversion and inversion of the eyelid. Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat, so be sure to visit a veterinarian for any alarming symptoms.


Today there are nurseries that completely refuse vaccinations, preferring natural selection. Perhaps this is justified for conducting breeding activities, but hardly anyone wants to lose the only and expensive pet, then take another one and hope for luck again. It is better to choose a good doctor, a high-quality vaccine and carry out immunization according to an individual schedule made especially for you.

Basic rules for raising Caucasian Shepherd puppies

From the first day of the appearance of a puppy in the house, you must remember the basic rules, and strictly follow them. This is the only way you can bring them to your proud pet. This breed is very common in Russia and many have already had a Caucasian Shepherd. The reviews of the household confirm that with good contact and upbringing, it is the most devoted and loving being in the world.

So, get used to feeding the dog strictly during the allotted hours. No handouts from the table, the treat should be given only for the executed command. Training should be conducted by one family member, it is better if he takes a leading position, the dogs feel it. Immediately prohibit pampering, such as jumping on the owner, climbing on the sofa and gently biting the legs. It touches only when you have a puppy in front of you, but tomorrow he will grow up, and the habits will remain. Even a baby should be treated with respect, not beaten or humiliated. If he has committed a misdemeanor, the punishment should come immediately, be tangible, but not too painful. For example, shake the withers and change the intonation.

Social adaptation

The sooner you start bringing your pet into the "light", the fewer problems there will be in the future. It would be a mistake to keep him in isolation, because in this case he may begin to perceive all the guests as potentially dangerous. Find out where amateur dog breeders are engaged. These are not very serious courses, but they still give the dog the opportunity to meet other people and pets, run in the fresh air, and also get some skills. This is the working out of simple commands: "to me", "sit", "next to". It is a pleasure to work with a young shepherd dog, she is smart, quick-witted and obedient. But do not be encouraged by such a simple assimilation of knowledge, a more difficult stage awaits you ahead.


This is a period of change, a revision of one's attitude to the world. The Caucasian Shepherd dog itself is also changing. Reviews of the owners always note a sharp contrast: the good-natured puppy suddenly became distrustful and wary. But this behavior is a sign of poor socialization. On the contrary, excessive trust in the world and surrounding people during this period can be considered as the norm. After all, this is not yet an adult dog, but only a growing puppy. This is the time of the formation of your relationship with him. No longer maternal guardianship, as it was before, but a partnership, a friendly union. The training of the Caucasian Shepherd dog should continue, in no case do not abandon it due to temporary difficulties in the behavior of the pet.


Do not rush to start this difficult course until your dog matures. The Caucasian Shepherd is a late breed that matures late. Protective guard service should also be taught to pets with a fully formed nervous system. Otherwise, the consequences may be too sad. To do this, it is necessary to find a professional trainer and assistant who will simulate an attack on a beloved owner. It should be noted that it is necessary to fully observe the realism of what is happening. It is not necessary after the completion of the attack and the working out of the protection dog to have fun talking with the assistants who portrayed the bandit. It is better to calm the pet and go home. Keep in mind that the weight of the Caucasian Shepherd can reach 80 kg, the trainer must withstand the attack of such a machine.

How much do Caucasian Shepherd puppies cost

You have decided that you need an excellent guard, and your choice is a Caucasian Shepherd. The price of puppies today is quite diverse, on average from 4 to 35 thousand rubles. It happens that dogs are given away cheaper in connection with an emergency move, but in this case it is worth thinking carefully whether you can get along with such a serious friend, and even suffering for the owner who abandoned him.


Exhibitions of Caucasian Shepherds are a fascinating sight that must be visited. Charming kids, awkward teenagers and stately adults, each of them is beautiful in its own way. If, by attending such an event, you have only strengthened your desire to acquire a faithful friend, then choose a breeder and begin a wonderful journey through life together.

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