The daily routine of a child at 4 months: food, sleep, walking


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From the first weeks of life, babies grow up quite quickly. At the age of four months, the baby begins to distinguish between images of people. He especially singles out his mom. Most likely, parents have already noticed that sleep time has decreased, and wakefulness has increased. This means that the regime of the child's day at 4 months has changed.

The baby can be active for 2 hours. During his activity, the child studies the sounds and objects around him. He is not interested in lying idle.

Now the baby distinguishes day from night and wakes up for feeding less and less.

Emotional and physical development

When the baby turns four months old, parents notice that their toddler has grown up, and his hair and eyes have begun to change color. The hair with which the baby was born begins to fall out, and new ones grow instead. Over time, the eyes become the same color as mom's or dad's.

Since an infant (4 months old) used to move quite a bit, now he is rapidly strengthening his muscles. Due to the fact that the muscles have become stronger, the baby has learned to hold the head independently by this age. The kid is constantly twirling it, trying to see the things around him as best as possible. The child likes to observe the reaction of parents to his actions.

In the 4th month, the baby will gain from 600 to 750 grams of weight. The child's height will change by 2.5 centimeters.

What the child learned by 4 months

At this age, the baby is quite active and curious. Previously, it was enough for him to look at everything, but now there was a desire to touch every thing.

If you put the baby on his tummy, he will rise on his forearms. Some children can roll over on their backs by pushing off with their pen from the bed.

Putting the child on the table, parents will notice how the baby starts to bounce. Since a child at this age is usually very active, he needs to be held firmly by the armpits.

It is worth being careful with small objects, as the baby tries to put everything in his mouth that gets into his hands. When a child turns 4 months old, Komarovsky advises parents to buy rubber toys. This is necessary so that the toddler can develop gums.


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The kid will be very surprised, and sometimes even scared, if the appearance of his parents changes. For example, seeing my father in a jacket or my mother in a hat. This is due to the fact that he remembered their original appearance.

Another new ability of the baby is the conversation in syllables. He says "agu", "am" and the like.

Baby's sleep

The child's regime has changed at 4 months, so his sleep time has also decreased. A toddler can sleep no more than 15 hours a day. At the same time, during the daytime period, the baby sleeps three times for 2 hours. At the age of four months, it is already possible to determine whether he is a "lark" or an "owl".

Some children wake up very early, and this continues into older age. Other babies fall asleep with their parents, and sometimes later. Such children do not wake up before 9 o'clock in the morning.

Larks give mom more trouble, because they fall asleep before her. After the toddler has fallen asleep, mom gets to do her homework. When she's done, she goes to bed. Unfortunately, she won't be able to sleep for a long time. This is due to the fact that her "lark" gets up very early.

Baby's nutrition

As before, the baby's nutrition at 4 months includes a mixture or mother's milk. In the event that the nursing mother has decreased the amount of milk, she needs to do everything to increase lactation. Do not forget about rest, abundant drinking and quality nutrition.

It is best to feed the baby after 3-4 hours, no more than six times a day. At night, the interval between feedings is 7 hours. The first complementary food begins to be given from 3.5-4 months. Fruit juice or mashed potatoes act as an additional food. When complementary feeding is introduced, the interval between feedings will increase to four hours. At night, it is 8 hours. The first feeding begins as soon as the baby wakes up.

To make it easier to carry out proper nutrition of a child at 4 months, pediatricians have compiled an approximate table.

Baby feeding time table

Feeding time


The amount of a single dose in ml.

6 h. 00 min.

Mother's milk (mixture)


9 h. 30 min.

Mother's milk (mixture)


Fruit juice


13 h. 00 min.

Mother's milk (mixture)


Fruit puree (pear or apple)


16 h. 30 min.

Mother's milk (mixture)


Fruit juice


20 h. 00 min.

Mother's milk (mixture)


23 h. 00 min.

Mother's milk (mixture)


Of course, the feeding time may differ slightly from what is indicated in the table. It is best to consult with your local pediatrician, who is watching the child. Feeding will depend on the overall development of the baby.

Daily routine

As soon as the baby is 4 months old from the date of birth, you can start organizing his daily routine. For example, after sleeping, a toddler should eat, then play, and only then go to bed again. In order for the appetite to be good, it is necessary to observe the intervals between sleep and feeding.

It is best to make a schedule according to which you and your child will live in the next month.

Approximate schedule:

  • As soon as the baby wakes up, it needs to be fed.
  • A well-fed child is ready to play a little. The waking time is 2 hours.
  • Tired of games, the baby should sleep. The first sleep lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • Waking up, the baby will want to eat, so you need to feed him a second time.
  • After eating, the toddler will stay awake for at least 2 hours.
  • At lunch, the child needs to be put to bed again.
  • After 2 hours, he will wake up and want to eat again.
  • After the meal, you need to play with the baby for about 2 hours.
  • Now it's worth putting the baby to sleep.
  • Waking up, the child should eat for the fourth time.
  • And again staying awake for an hour and a half.
  • We proceed to the last feeding.
  • A well-fed baby is ready to go to bed. He will sleep until the morning.

This is not a guide, since every mother knows what her baby wants at the moment. Some mothers are interested in how much time a child should sleep (4 months). How much a toddler sleeps will depend on his mood and state of health.


In order for a child to develop well, he should not only eat and sleep, but also walk in the fresh air. It will be very interesting for him to look at trees, people passing by and moving cars. If the child liked something, it is necessary to comment on it. For example, a kid was happy about a passing car, you need to tell him that it's a car. After breathing fresh air, the child will sleep more soundly, and his appetite will improve.

Unfortunately, the regime of a child at 4 months old may include a minimum number of walks if the temperature outside has fallen below -10 degrees. Cold air can harm your baby's health.

The kid should get acquainted with the world around him from an early age, so that in the future it would be easier for him to integrate into everyday life.


Tempering is a very important part of children's education. It should be systematic so that the baby is always healthy. You can temper a child regardless of the time of year. A very good way of hardening is a walk in the fresh air.

Air baths are also good. They are recommended to be carried out twice in one day for 10 minutes at a temperature of + 22 degrees. Feeding a child at 4 months will proceed better after he gets some fresh air, his appetite will develop.

It is very useful to wipe the child's skin with a dry mitten made of terry cloth. This should be done before a slight redness appears. Do not forget that the baby's skin is quite tender.

After 1-1.5 weeks, you can wipe the baby with a wet mitten. The terry mitten is moistened with water, after which it is squeezed out a little. The water should not be hotter than +36 degrees. Every three days, the temperature should be lowered by 1 degree. The duration of the wipes is no more than 2 minutes.

Games and gymnastics

While awake, the baby should not only play, but also study. It is for this reason that the daily routine of a child at 4 months should include gymnastics. This is necessary because the baby will soon begin to sit, crawl, and then walk. It is necessary to knead the muscles and joints of the child for 5 minutes 3 times a day. A toddler should like gymnastics classes. In any case, do not allow the child to overwork.

During the games, the kid tries to learn about the world around him. First of all, he begins to study the toys he plays with. First, the baby touches them with his hands, and then drags them into his mouth. A child at 4 months old should play with rubber toys. They will help the teeth to erupt.

It is also very important that adults play with the baby, because he gets experience from them.


Teeth will not appear soon, but they may already begin to bother your child. The teeth are still deep, but they cause discomfort, and sometimes pain, so a child at 4 months old can often be naughty.

To alleviate the suffering of a toddler, it is necessary to:

  • Buy toys that promote easy teething - they should differ from each other in density, while being of different shapes and colors to attract the attention of the baby;
  • Consult with a pediatrician who will prescribe ointment for anesthesia during teething.


So, now it is clear that the daily routine of a child at 4 months old should consist of walking in the fresh air, hardening, gymnastics, games, good sleep, as well as feeding.

At this age, kids like to be played with and talked to, as they get to know the world around them. Also, the baby loves when he is given new food. For example, fruit puree or juice. It is necessary to monitor the dosage, since a large amount of complementary foods can have a bad effect on digestion. The baby's stomach is just beginning to adapt to food that differs from the mixture or mother's milk.

In order to ensure a good mood for the baby, the child's day regime at 4 months should be observed by parents constantly.

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