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The American Bulldog is a temperamental dog, athletically built, strong and strong. Males have a stocky and powerful backbone, bitches have a more refined appearance. The breed is defined as working, the country of origin is the United States of America.

History of the breed

The American Bulldog dog breed is closely intertwined with the English Bulldog. Its name was first mentioned in England in the sixteenth century. At that time, the blood sport was gaining popularity, when they poisoned bulls with specially trained dogs for this. It was called bull-beiting, and the word "bulldog" in English means "bull dog".

These animals were bred both for fights with bulls exceeding their size and strength, and for fighting with armed people. The dog of this breed had to have strength, fearlessness and endurance, a firm strong-willed character, a high pain threshold, unquestioningly follow the commands of the owner.

It is surprising that the bulldogs did not show unintentional aggression to a person, it was almost impossible to get them out of themselves. This proves once again that the American bulldog, whose photos are simply amazing, is a loyal and fearless companion of a person.

Such an amazing balance of the animal can be explained by the fact that when fighting with a bull, the loss of composure and control over the situation could lead to imminent death. Later, immigrants from Britain began to come to America with their dogs. On farms, these pets were simply irreplaceable: they were hunted with them, they guarded the cattle and property of farmers. There is an opinion that the modern American Bulldog is descended from the Old English Bulldog and bullmastiff.


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At first glance

The appearance of this dog suggests that it is intended for protection, and in combination with an impeccable flair, it can be an excellent hunter of wild boars, foxes or work in the police as a search engine. The American bulldog immediately commands respect. He is distrustful of strangers, and even with friends he is wary. However, this pet is able to give boundless love and devotion to its family members.

Leo Tolstoy also had a bulldog. The writer appreciated his intelligence and fascinating beauty, dedication, courage and selflessness. He even dedicated a small series of stories to Bulka (that was the pet's name). In one of them, Tolstoy bitterly tells how his friend was bitten by a wolf while hunting, after which Bulka fell ill with rabies, ran away from the owner and died near the house.

In addition to Leo Tolstoy, this breed was appreciated and given its preference by such celebrities as Charlize Theron, Alexander Rosembaum, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon.

American bulldog: characteristics of the breed

In recent years, experienced dog handlers and true connoisseurs of this breed have identified two main lines of the breed.

The first category includes individuals with pronounced musculature and strong protective instincts. This is a classic breed line called the Jackson type. Dogs belonging to the second line are mostly used in hunting for chasing and holding a large animal. Their musculature is less developed, but they are more athletic. This is the standard line of the American bulldog, or the Scott type.

In recent years, these two lines of the American Bulldog have been actively crossed, which can allow you to get a breed with a strongly developed musculature, but preserved endurance and athletic abilities. In fact, this is a very successful experiment, since the result is a versatile dog-an American bulldog that has absorbed all the advantages of the Scott and Johnson types, capable of performing both security and hunting functions to the same extent.

Character of the animal

The main character trait of the American bulldog (when faced with it, certain difficulties may arise) is his desire for leadership. And if two individuals of the same sex live under the same roof, there are certainly no problems to avoid, since the dog will not tolerate even a hint of competition. At the same time, the American Bulldog is not only a strong and formidable dog, a reliable defender, but also a friendly friend who loves his family to the point of insanity. He is not averse to frolic with children, if they behave respectfully. His patience can only be envied. The owner of such a dog should be a confident person. And if you timely rein in the frequent impulses to dominate and the desire to rule over other animals, you can ensure that your bulldog gets along with other pets living in the house.

Do not confuse aggressiveness with the innate courage that the American bulldog possesses. The description of the breed says: the peculiarity of the bulldog's character is that he is able to carefully think through the situation, keep it under control. He will not rush into battle for no apparent reason. In a dangerous situation, it may seem that the dog becomes cold-blooded. However, she is just thinking about the line of defense and behavior. The owner may not be able to stop his pet if he has assessed the threat. The American bulldog, whose photo is able to charm at first sight, is very smart. The animal is able to make decisions independently.

Young bulldogs are quite hostile to strangers, so if you like guests, you need to socialize the dog from the puppy age so that it does not grow unfriendly and suspicious. Over the years, your friend will learn to quickly assess situations, distinguish good people from negative ones. Moreover, your American bulldog, whose character is quite versatile, thanks to an amazing mindset, will be able to distinguish between the degrees of threat and falsity. In other words, it is unlikely to distract him from the work he is doing with feigned maneuvers.

Care and maintenance

There are few specific recommendations regarding the maintenance of bulldogs. These are quite unpretentious dogs that feel good both in the apartment and in the courtyard of a private house. The American bulldog has a short coat that fits snugly to the body. Frequent water procedures are contraindicated for him, he needs to be completely bathed no more than twice a year. With frequent water procedures, the wool loses its shine, dry skin is observed. As the contamination occurs, you need to wipe the bulldog's ears, eyes, and nose with a damp cloth. Once every few months, trim his claws, if they do not wear off naturally on the asphalt.

The American bulldog, whose photos are presented in this article, needs regular physical activity. Therefore, as often as possible, walk with your pet on the street. For him, it is more important not how much time you will spend on a walk, but how many kilometers you will walk. You can even go jogging or cycling with him. Bulldogs are constantly chewing something. Thus, puppies do not develop a fully formed jaw, and adults train an already formed one. Give your friend a special toy made of thick rubber or a bone made of veins. Ordinary, and especially tubular bones, will not work – they clog the stomach and can damage the intestines.

Education and training

You need to start raising a small bulldog from the very first days, as soon as he appears in your house. Do not rely on self-control and character traits that nature itself has endowed the animal with. Without active human participation, the dog will grow unmanageable.

The general rules of upbringing apply to an animal of this breed, but there are also those that are aimed specifically at dogs of the American Bulldog breed. Reviews of the owners once again prove that these are pets with character.

Given their great tendency to dominate, puppies should be forbidden to bite both themselves and other family members. Do not think that while the pet is small, this is just a game, and when he grows up, he will definitely understand that this can not be done. With a strict, confident voice, stop any attempt to bite, try to distract him with his favorite toy. If the puppy managed to do such a dirty trick, punish him. It can be a light shake by the scruff of the neck, a slap with a twisted newspaper on the rump. In addition, a strict reprimand will be relevant.

Take a look at the photos of the American bulldog presented in this article. Puppies are able to charm, adult dogs amaze with their strength and beauty.

Adult bulldogs are strong and powerful dogs, so even a small puppy should not be allowed to pull the leash. The dog must walk on the same level with the owner. Another point related to the power of the bulldog: do not allow him to jump on people. After running away, an adult dog can knock an adult person to the ground. And imagine what will happen if such a dog jumps on a child? Forbid the dog any gratuitous squabbles with other animals, stop snarling and growling in time.

Bulldogs quickly memorize commands. They like to learn something new. The main thing is that the owner should be firm and confident, ready at any time to convince the stubborn animal.

What else is unique about the American bulldog? The reviews of the owners are similar in many ways. This is a dog that wants its rights to be taken into account in the house. She is a great manipulator, capable of being a real angel for praise.

How to choose the right American bulldog puppy?

You have already read a lot of information about this breed, thought about all the pros and cons, and firmly decided: "I want this dog to become my most loyal and devoted friend at all costs!" Please treat the purchase of a puppy responsibly, because this is the most important stage in your future life together. Many people are interested in the price when choosing a dog. The American bulldog is not a very expensive animal, the pricing policy depends on the exterior and characteristics of a particular pet. We will discuss this in more detail later.

Surely every dog breeder knows that it is best to choose a dog in kennels. Ask the breeder for documents on the parents and certificates about the veterinary examination of each puppy. Do not choose a dog according to the advice of others, rely only on yourself in this matter. You can invite an experienced dog breeder or a breeder from the outside to help. Do not listen to the advertising of the owners of puppies about the countless titles that their American bulldog possesses. The description of the breed will help you decide on the choice of a really worthwhile puppy. You can personally go around the litters, look at the parents. As an option – at the exhibition in advance to look after the future mother or father of the desired puppy.

Experienced breeders claim that it is impossible to raise a strong and beautiful bulldog when there were 10-16 puppies under my mother. Choose a baby from a litter that includes no more than 6 individuals. If they leave all the puppies in the litter, this is clearly not done for the sake of breeding the breed, but only because of money.

< p>American bulldog puppies come in a wide variety of colors, but remember that white is their main color, it should be at least 30%. At the same time, solid sandy colors with a dark mask are unacceptable. It is likely that a bullmastiff "slipped" in the genus of such a bulldog. Black color without the so-called tiger spots may hint at the blood of a Rottweiler or pit bull.

Healthy American bulldog puppies should be well-fed, active, mobile, with a wet nose and clean ears. If you notice that the toddler is too cowardly or, conversely, overly aggressive, it is better to give it up.

What is unacceptable in the exterior of an American bulldog?

And now let's start considering the exterior of this animal. As mentioned earlier, this is a strong, stocky dog of athletic build. Males are more stocky, bitches are more refined.

A dog of this breed should not be unnecessarily cowardly and timid, unjustified aggression towards people or other animals is also unacceptable. In relation to the overall body structure and size, the head of the ambulatory should be relatively wide and large. An excessively narrow head and muzzle are unacceptable in this breed. The dog should not have strabismus, asymmetry of the visual organs.

The movements of the American bulldog are fast, agile, there is a pronounced springiness of the step. During the movement, the paws should not be too widely spaced or crossed. For the classical type, the so – called rolling gait is acceptable-wobbling and slight swaying of the back of the trunk during movement.

According to the ABNA standard, dogs with deafness, neutered males or cryptorchid males, bitches during estrus are not allowed to participate in exhibitions.

Possible diseases

It is worth talking about the problems that American bulldogs often face. The dogs in question are prone to manifestations of allergies. Usually this is a problem that lasts for the entire life of the pet, which requires the owner to follow a specially developed diet. There are also single allergic reactions, for example, to an insect bite, a chemical substance, a reagent on the streets of the city. This is not a big problem and passes after the cessation of the influence of the irritating factor on the body. Acquired or hereditary food allergies bring great inconvenience to the owner, so it is important to talk to the breeder about this topic before buying a puppy.

Another ailment of bulldogs, which brings many problems to the owner, is dysplasia of the hip or elbow joints. This is a very serious disease, sometimes requiring surgical intervention. Joint problems in Bulldogs entail years of constant treatment. Serious stages of the disease knock the dog out of the rut, do not allow it to lead a full-fledged lifestyle. Dysplasia can not be determined by the eye by the movements of the animal or by its appearance. Only computer diagnostics of joints for this disease can identify the problem.

Interesting facts

  • The current name of the breed appeared only at the end of the twentieth century. Before that, the dog was called like this: both "white Englishman", and "southern bulldog", and "English blonde".
  • It has been repeatedly said about the intelligence and intelligence of the bulldog. So, the intelligence of this dog is higher than that of Dobermans, Caucasian shepherds, mastiffs, Staffordshires and Rottweilers.
  • In the American standard of this breed, in the "Temper" section, the following was written: "Protection of the owner in any situation, even at the cost of his own life."
  • If a bulldog is passionate about a duel, he is practically insensitive to injuries and pain.

Many people are interested in the question of how much an American bulldog costs. A puppy without a pedigree can be bought on average for $ 120. If there is a pedigree, the cost increases. Puppies not intended for breeding and exhibitions are sold for $ 350. This is the average price. An American bulldog with a good pedigree, intended for exhibitions and breeding, can cost about 800-850 dollars.

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