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Now many people are trying to monitor their health. For them, one of the main trends today turned out to be sports bracelets. With such a device worn on the arm, the user will be able to successfully track their motor and cardiac activity. Some of these gadgets also allow you to track sleep phases, which makes it possible to record not only the level of sleep deprivation, but also the quality of your sleep.

All data is on the hand

Today, there are many offers from which you can choose suitable sports bracelets for yourself and family members. Reviews describe many good models of this accessory, and they all connect to advanced mobile devices. What can a bracelet "do"?

It will remember your physical activity, noting, of course, how many calories you managed to burn. The collected information is transmitted to the display of the bracelet or smartphone. For those who love physical activity and regularly train, this thing helps a lot to keep themselves in good shape. It will be possible to find out what work has been done during the training sessions, and what other load is needed to achieve the goal.

The popularity of sports bracelets

A year earlier, such a gadget was only available to rare athletes who experienced new sports fashion, in this case - sports bracelets. Reviews say that good models are produced by the Jawbone brand, which is an advanced company in creating such smart bracelets. But there were a lot of different mistakes in its first products. The initial batches almost completely turned out to be a marriage, but this did not stop the growth of the popularity of these products at all.


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It can be concluded that today's sports wristbands are universal gadgets that are very resistant to the ingress of liquids (even sweat) and to mechanical damage. Their design is such that they are practical and convenient to use, and their price in Russia (usually about 10 thousand rubles) makes it possible for a significant number of users to buy them.

What happens after you buy a sports bracelet?

Let's start with the fact that this way you will get a great incentive for training. After all, it is unlikely that anyone will want to realize that because of their own laziness, the purchase was unnecessary. One of the most important reasons for the appearance of such gadgets was the critical increase in the number of people who have excess weight and the accompanying troubles.

Life in large cities, the convenience of traveling in cars, a sedentary lifestyle both at work and at home, plus merciless eating of fast food and other high-calorie foods are merciless to us. But when a person has a small bracelet on his hand that counts the movements and heart rate, then he gets the strongest incentive to move.

There are sports bracelets on the arm that can even calculate the sleep phases. And this is very important, since many of our contemporaries do not get enough sleep. Finding out the causes of this phenomenon will give an opportunity to help someone who needs a good night's sleep.

Review of sports bracelets

The most famous brands of sports bracelets are now Jawbone Up and Nike+ Fuelband SE, which concentrate the best achievements in this field.

FitBit Flex

Fitbit began producing devices that measure physical activity in 2008. The first were small devices no larger than a USB flash drive. Such a device is freely attached to a shirt or a trouser pocket. Such products of the company as Ultra, Zip and One, in addition to the number of steps taken and the floors that the user has climbed, indicate the number of calories dropped, the intensity and duration of physical activity, as well as the duration of sleep.

When fitness bracelets became popular, Fitbit was prepared for this, which led to the release of an ordinary rubberized bracelet, where a smaller copy of the Fitbit One was inserted. As a result, a Fitbit bracelet was produced. This set includes bracelets in two sizes-S and M. In addition, there is the possibility of an additional order-a set of three-color (green, orange, blue) bracelets.

Jawbone UP24

The smallest and lightest fitness bracelet made of rubberized material is the Jawbone UP24 sports bracelet. This device does not have a screen, all interaction is carried out using a single button, vibration and a smartphone. Information from the bracelet is transmitted via Bluetooth to the phone. In a special application, you can see the necessary information.

The bracelet monitors physical activity, sleep and nutrition. It enters the owner's data about his age, height and weight. After that, the application will calculate how much the user needs to move, eat and sleep. Sports wristbands on the hand, in addition, is also an excellent controller: if a person is in one place for a very long time, the vibrations in the device, along with notifications in the application, will remind the "overstayed" that it's time to move. The bracelet will calculate the number of steps taken, and the application will then provide the number of calories spent.

This device will distinguish between the stages of fast and slow sleep due to the movements of the owner and will wake him up at the right moment by vibration. However, some owners of these devices are not too willing to use this function, giving themselves the opportunity to sleep longer.

You can also enter information about the food you have eaten into the service. A barcode scanner is built into it, which can quickly check the calorie content. The program can give advice with a suggestion to refuse a particular food, or recommend eating something useful for the body.

Nike Bracelet

In addition to the capabilities that other bracelets have, the Nike Fuelband bracelet also has a display where this information is reflected. However, the main feature that the Nike Fuelband bracelet has is the NikeFuel motivation program. She works on various technical and psychological techniques.

Any physical actions - walking, running, dancing-performed by the user are concentrated in NikeFuel glasses. The program confidently determines the degree of load and the amount of energy spent on it and the calories lost. Based on this data, a certain ball is determined. The number of these points is gradually increasing, and, accordingly, the indicator on the display will fill up. After the final mark is reached, the inscription "Goal" will appear on the screen. In this application, as well as in others, their own results are compared with the results of other users, which makes the motivation much stronger.

Choosing a sports bracelet

When purchasing a sports watch-bracelet, you need to pay attention to a number of features and parameters:

  • The ability of the gadget to measure the distance covered.
  • The number of steps taken. This feature is very useful for jogging enthusiasts.
  • Time, which passed in the activity mode. You do not need to keep track of the time of classes and calculate the number of physical exercises. All this routine work will be done by a sports bracelet.
  • Sleep time. The lack of sleep will now be over. You will be absolutely aware of the time spent on sleep, and you will get a hint about how much to sleep next time.
  • The quality of sleep. Often, problems that have arisen with sleep are symptoms of stress. It is possible that some external reasons affect your sleep. Having learned about them, it will be possible to get rid of these unfavorable factors.
  • The duration of charging the battery.< /em> It is desirable that the operating time of the bracelet without recharging is as long as possible, so that you do not spend your time on recharging already.
  • A high-quality picture on the display, so that you do not have to spoil your vision by looking at small letters and numbers.
  • Good compatibility with a mobile device. You should definitely find out about this, after all, some sports wristbands on your hand simply will not fit your smartphone.

Thus, a sports bracelet can become your wonderful assistant in improving health, stimulate a sporty lifestyle and celebrate your success on this right path.

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