Useful gymnastics for pregnant women (1 trimester). What kind of gymnastics can pregnant women do?


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For every woman, pregnancy is a magical state of waiting for a miracle, an extraordinary, joyful period. The expectant mother completely changes her lifestyle and tries to do everything to ensure that the birth was successful and the baby was born healthy and strong. Proper nutrition, taking vitamins, giving up bad habits, healthy sleep and, of course, useful gymnastics for pregnant women-all this should be included in the regime.

Movement is the key to health

Thanks to all of the above points, the chances of having a healthy baby are much increased. To date, it has been proven that gymnastics classes are simply necessary for future moms. With moderate physical activity, the metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, blood flow in the capillaries of the placenta improves, and this contributes to an increase in the supply of oxygen to the fetus.

For those who doubt whether it is possible for pregnant women to do gymnastics, gynecologists around the world cite many facts of the positive effect of moderate sports activities on the body of the future woman in labor. To easily overcome such a physical challenge as childbirth, you need to strengthen your muscles and constantly keep them in good shape. The prepared body will recover quickly and easily.

Where and how can I do gymnastics

Modern facilities allow you to practice gymnastics at home. On the Internet, there are many courses for pregnant women. A lot of video lessons, photos, pictures, and detailed instructions make it possible to choose the necessary reference point. It is only important to know that each stage needs its own gymnastics for pregnant women, the 1st trimester will be different from the subsequent ones. If you decide to study in a polyclinic, knowledgeable specialists will advise you what kind of physical activity is required for your body. Special exercises have been developed for each trimester.


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Gymnastics for pregnant women. 1st trimester

In the first trimester, it is very important for pregnant women to maintain a good mood, since it is at this stage that there is often an unexpected change of mood, irritability, and despondency. Gymnastics for pregnant women for weeks will help you smoothly, without unnecessary stress, go through all the stages of carrying a child. During this period, it is very important to study breathing exercises. In the" interesting " position, the intrauterine pressure increases significantly, it needs to be learned to restrain the elastic muscles of the abdomen, as well as the pelvic floor. This will help correct chest breathing with the help of the muscles of the diaphragm. It is worth noting that with such breathing, the supply of nutrients, as well as oxygen to the fetus, is stimulated.

In the first trimester, it is useful to perform the following exercises:

1. Stand in the knee-elbow position.

Raise and extend one leg, then gently lower it. Do the same with the other leg.

Extend one arm forward, remaining at three points, and slowly lower it. Identical to the other hand.

2. While lifting your right arm and left leg at the same time, stay on the two support points. Gently return to the starting position. Repeat with your left arm and right leg raised.

3. Exercise "Cat".

For a start – "Affectionate kitty". The body moves forward, the weight is smoothly transferred to the palms, the spine bends, starting from the cervical region, ending with the lumbar region. At the beginning of the exercise, the head is lowered, and at the end it is raised.

Then - "Angry Cat". The back is arched, the head is lowered, the body begins to move back, then forward.

Each exercise is repeated four times.

What kind of gymnastics can pregnant women do

Below we will consider in more detail what types of gymnastic exercises can be performed by pregnant women. Some types of gymnastics can be performed at any stage of pregnancy, and some-only in trimesters. What sets of exercises need to be mastered during pregnancy?

  • Morning exercises.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Gymnastics with a ball.
  • Water gymnastics (water aerobics).
  • Gymnastics in trimesters.
  • Therapeutic gymnastics, as well as decompression exercises.
  • At certain stages, knee-elbow gymnastics, leg gymnastics for pregnant women are necessary.

Morning gymnastics

For those, if you are used to doing morning exercises every day, it will not be difficult to continue doing it in an "interesting" position. Pregnancy is not a reason to abandon the usual rhythm of life, including morning exercises. Is it different from the usual gymnastics for pregnant women? 1 trimester allows you to still move more actively, if there is no threat of interruption. The instructor will help you develop a suitable complex, which can include swings with your feet, hands, exercises with the ball, turns, head and trunk bends, squats. The main condition is that all exercises should be performed without causing any discomfort, after classes you should feel a surge of cheerfulness. The usual morning walks in the fresh air are very useful.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are recommended to be performed at all stages of pregnancy. It has no contraindications. It teaches you to release tension, to relax completely. When emotions run high, there are constant mood changes, this is very useful.

A unique course is considered to be respiratory gymnastics according to Strelnikova. This course will be useful for all expectant mothers. Breathing exercises enrich the blood with oxygen, increase immunity not only in the mother, but also in the child, prepare the baby for proper breathing immediately after birth. Strelnikova's course is specially designed in such a way that pregnant women can take it at any stage, even if they have any deviations. These breathing exercises are also referred to as therapeutic gymnastics for pregnant women. Classes in the 1st trimester are a certain foundation, the key to a successful outcome and easy delivery.

Ball gymnastics

With the ball, it is much more interesting to practice than, for example, just doing bends, walking or making swings with your feet, hands. Exercises train the necessary muscle groups, the back is not loaded, and this is very important in the late stages of pregnancy. In the last trimester, you can just sit on a big ball, swaying a little, so your spine will get full relief and rest.

Water Aerobics

Water gymnastics for pregnant women is perhaps the most enjoyable sports activity for women in position. It is a pity that pools are not available everywhere and not for everyone. Water aerobics is indicated at any stage of pregnancy, has no contraindications. For the third trimester, this is an ideal option, since other types of gymnastics are no longer possible, because a huge stomach restricts movement, and in the water, in a weightless state, this is not felt. Aqua aerobics calms well, improves well-being, mood, and hardens. Some types of water exercises help to turn the child from the glute presentation! Also, water gymnastics helps well in the fight against excess weight.

Joint, ligament, and muscle training

From the first days of pregnancy, you need to prepare the body for the upcoming loads. Training of joints, ligaments, muscles should contain gymnastics for pregnant women, the 1st trimester should be the base. At this time, it is necessary to train your body, as in the subsequent stages you will have to endure heavier loads for carrying the fetus. You should approach the birth in good physical shape, this will allow you to easily endure this test.

Gymnastics in trimesters

Pregnant women should do gymnastics strictly in trimesters. Do not look for separate exercises for the legs, for the hands, for proper breathing. The best option is a whole balanced set designed for a specific trimester, it will already include all the necessary exercises and give instructions on which to start, how to finish, how many times to repeat. What types of gymnastics for pregnant women are better to do, your gynecologist and sports instructor will tell you.

Therapeutic gymnastics

This type of gymnastics for pregnant women is special. The complex of such exercises in any case do not need to choose yourself, even if you think that these exercises are necessary for you. In this case, it is better to listen to the opinion of experts. In such a serious matter, it is simply dangerous to engage in amateur activities, not only for you, but also for the baby. You need to study in special groups, under the supervision of an experienced instructor. It is worth noting that such a complex is prescribed not only to those women who experience some health problems. Physical therapy promotes:

  • Acceleration of the body's adaptation to pregnancy.
  • Improve blood circulation in women, prevent fetal hypoxia.
  • Relieving pain in the lower back, back.
  • Improve bowel function.
  • To reduce the manifestations of early toxicosis and late gestosis.
  • Prevention of varicose veins of the extremities.

Therapeutic gymnastics is especially necessary for pregnant women with pelvic presentation of the fetus. Specially designed exercises allow you to change the wrong position of the child in some cases.

Decompression, drainage gymnastics

Decompression exercises for pregnant women, as well as drainage exercises, play an important role in preparing for childbirth. This type is mandatory in the third trimester. If you want, you can start studying earlier. What are these types of gymnastics for pregnant women? To be brief, drainage gymnastics is working with breathing, decompression – strengthening, preparing the muscles of the perineum. It is better to do these types of gymnastics at the same time. A woman should learn to breathe properly during contractions and simultaneously work the muscles of the perineum and vagina. If desired, classes can be started from the 12th week of pregnancy.

Knee-elbow gymnastics

The knee-elbow position is very often used in physical therapy. It is worth noting that many doctors recommend that expectant mothers take this pose twice a day for five minutes. In the second trimester, even up to 30 minutes.

How to correctly take the knee-elbow pose? Stand on all fours, stretch your arms from the wrist to the elbow on the mat, lower your head and shoulders below the level of your buttocks, and place a soft cushion or pillow under your chest. What happens in the body in this position?

  • The uterus does not press on the lower parts of the intestine, kidneys, thus preventing the appearance of hemorrhoids, edema.
  • The load from the spine, the abdominal cavity is completely removed.
  • Breathing becomes easier, and you feel better.
  • Large blood vessels are not squeezed due to the severity of the uterus, blood supply improves.
  • Such exercises promote proper presentation of the fetus.

Remember that now you are not alone, a new life has been born inside you. It largely depends on you whether the baby will be born healthy and strong. While waiting for a miracle, do not forget about proper nutrition, daily routine and, of course, about gymnastics for pregnant women.

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