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A toy children's microscope is a fairly complex device, in addition, it is not cheap, so you should approach its purchase responsibly. To choose a suitable model, you need to clearly understand exactly what purpose it is purchased for.

Not just fun

The microscope toy is a wonderful gift for your baby. Classes with him develop curiosity, arouse interest in the world of living and inanimate nature. Conducting experiments with a microscope, children are transformed before their eyes. They can sit for hours at it, looking at the most unexpected objects, with interest perform tasks in chemistry, physics and biology, which increases the level of knowledge.

In the microscope, you can view sections of onions and apples, leaves of plants and indoor flowers, pollen of plants, pieces of paper, bread crumbs and mold, insects and their parts. All this is really considered through a children's microscope with a 100-300-fold magnification and the presence of illumination of transmitted or reflected light. With a more serious magnification, you can already see red blood cells - red cells in a drop of blood. In serious training models, it is even possible to detect the simplest microorganisms moving in a drop of water (if the water is tinted). This can be done with an alcohol solution of iodine, fucorcinol, baby blue and other dyes.

The microscope, the photo of which is given here, with its bright design and ease of use, will absolutely please your baby! This wonderful gift will develop in the child logical thinking, observation, perseverance, the desire to achieve results. Both children and parents discover a lot of interesting and unusual things with the help of a magic device. The kid who didn't know what a microscope looks like yesterday, today with passion explores everything that has enough imagination.


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Models for children

There are several types of toy microscopes for children. The simplest option is a toy-microscope for a preschooler. It is designed for kids, but despite this, the device is quite complex and interesting even for adults. Such models are quite unpretentious. It makes sense to buy them if you want to captivate your child from childhood with the most interesting world of biology.

The next type is an educational children's microscope for schoolchildren. Its cost is higher, and the device itself is much more complicated. This device allows you to conduct the necessary experiments in the lessons of natural science and biology.

Student microscopes (the name speaks for itself) are used for training specialists in specialized universities, and are also widely used in standard procedures in various fields of science. Sometimes they are called routine. They provide sufficient accuracy of research, which explains their quite "adult" cost.

The microscope, the photo of which you see here, has a completely "adult" design and "serious" functions. This device is suitable for school children and even students.

Adult models

Working microscopes are the next quality category. Such devices are used in laboratory experiments in serious research, and provide high image quality. It makes sense to buy it for a student only in the case of a serious passion for biology.

Laboratory microscopes, which have replaceable modules and serve both for everyday use and for serious research work, are usually produced in small quantities and are nevertheless very popular.

A children's set-a microscope and a telescope - is another novelty on the market. This is a model that combines both of these devices at once. A children's telescope-microscope most often has a set of lenses for each function and a diagonal mirror. The magnification in such models is usually very strong. The telescopic lens has a diameter of about 40 millimeters and a focal length of about 500 millimeters.

How to make the right choice

When buying, you should take into account the age of the child, the level of mental development and aptitude, as well as your own ability to pay. There are a huge number of models on the market these days, which are not so easy to understand. Most often, for younger children, they buy a toy device with a small multiplicity of magnification, designed mainly for initial acquaintance with the microcosm and conducting simple experiments. For a child who does not yet know what a microscope looks like, explain its purpose in an accessible language and make sure that the child is interested.

The products of Chinese manufacturers, with their relative cheapness, can not always justify even their low cost. Do not believe if the package with a Chinese children's microscope shows an increase of more than 300 times. In the products of the price group up to $ 60, the optics are not so high-quality, high magnification figures are no more than a publicity stunt.

Buying a baby

If the child is still a kindergarten student, it is too early to buy a device for a schoolboy. As a toy for preschool children, it is better to choose the model "Young Biologist 40" or "Children's Microscope DMS-1". These simple devices have a 40-fold magnification, which is quite enough for a young researcher, they have a simple shape and stable design, as well as a low price.

There are even glamorous microscopes for young ladies, made in a special girlish (for example, pink) design. Some of them are a compact hybrid of a microscope and a mini telescope that can fit in your pocket.

Buying a schoolboy

An older child can buy a microscope with a large magnification or even a digital model that has much wider possibilities for experiments. Children's microscopes are equipped with illumination, protective glasses, and color filters. The kit includes all the necessary tools for the work and additional accessories for experiments.

An example of a toy microscope for a child over 8 years old is a model with a magnification of 100 to 300 times, made of durable material and equipped with glass optics, a projector and a backlight. Glass lenses provide excellent image quality. The slide table is illuminated by an LED lamp. The kit usually includes up to several dozen accessories for experiments, glasses, filters, a Petri dish, a glass stick, a magnifying glass, and much more, as well as ready-made samples for research. The cost of such microscopes is usually around one and a half thousand rubles.

What to look for when buying

If you have decided on the purpose of the purchase and the optimal price, it makes sense to consider specific models. The children's microscope can be both domestic and imported (most often Chinese). You should pay attention to the optics. If the lenses are plastic, they will scratch when rubbed. Lenses with a small magnification, especially Chinese ones, often do not give a clear picture - only streaks.

If the illumination is carried out using an incandescent light bulb, it may be ineffective. It is better to choose LED lighting. It is better if the mirror for illumination will be curved - for greater focus of light. It should be well fixed and protected from scratches.

The lenses of the eyepiece and especially the lens should be glass. The resolution and image quality depend on the lens. The tube and tripod of the microscope should be metal. The brightness of the LED backlight must be adjusted. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs provide more natural light and do not heat up, so they are more reliable.

About additional accessories

It is worth paying attention to the number of accessories sold in the kit, the convenience of their operation and storage, as well as the availability of detailed explanatory instructions. Modern models of children's microscopes are usually sold in a set with many useful accessories that allow you to look at what your heart desires. Samples can also be attached for examination, for example, animal hair, etc.

A child's microscope consisting of plastic parts is justified to buy for a young child to ensure safety. Children a little older are recommended to purchase models with glass lenses and a slide. In addition, parents usually help prepare samples for children to look at.

What else parents need to know

Setting up the device and preparing the preparations is quite a responsible process. Anyway, this is the task of parents, and the role of children is to watch, listen to explanations and learn new knowledge.

With a microscope that has a high magnification factor, some experience is required. For everyday experiments, an increase of 40 to 200 times is enough. There is an opinion that those who want to seriously interest a child in the wonders of biology make sense to buy an old domestic medical microscope, laboratory or industrial. Such a microscope can be purchased by hand in good condition. If you buy a Chinese toy, do not chase a high magnification, it is better to take care of the quality of the assembly and ease of adjustment.

The gears of the microscope drive easily slide relative to each other thanks to the grease, which will have to be changed after several years of operation. Otherwise, the control of the moving parts will be too tight, and you can damage the wheels.

Children's Microscope: reviews

According to buyers, microscopes, as a rule, correspond to the declared characteristics. It is still better for adults to adjust them, since accuracy and smooth adjustment are required. Children with great interest look at the samples of wool provided in the kit, as well as grains of sugar and salt. Thanks to the color filters, ordinary salt crystals look like a fantastic cosmic landscape.

Other consumers in their reviews complain about the difficulties with setting up, especially in Chinese models, believe that, no matter how hard they tried, they could not achieve good image quality. Some buyers decided that inexpensive Chinese microscopes are suitable only for the entertainment of a child of senior preschool age, and as a teaching tool for a schoolboy leave much to be desired. But most still came to the conclusion that at the stated price, the children's microscope (reviews are given about the model "Microscope for School (9001 PS)") is quite suitable for its purpose and can be used in biology lessons.

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