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For each child his birthday – it's a magical occasion. In order to truly experience the wonder, requires an appropriate setting and environment. Parents this holiday, give gifts, set the table and invite guests. But to create an atmosphere of magic that is not enough. Definitely need to take care of the festive decoration of the room. How to decorate a room for birthday? The child will love at least one of the following options for festive decoration of the room.


Use balloons to create a festive atmosphere in the baby's room. This method of interior design is rather simple in implementation. Main – to approach this creative process.

How to decorate a room with balloons for the birthday child? Bright and festive these will look great decorating the air with helium, if they are placed under the ceiling. A gift for the birthday child can be surrounded by a small inflated balls. I wonder will look great filled with helium decoration, bound to each of the chairs at the holiday table.

how to decorate a room for birthday child 2 yearsAlso for decoration of the premises used balloons on a stick. They make beautiful impromptu bouquets that can be placed in the room. Look spectacular foil balloons in the shape of a heart, car, flower or funny animal.

The Child will be happy, if the day of birth gonna visit his favorite fairy tale character. Today in specialized stores have a wide range of large inflatable foil shapes.

Those balls will help the parents to decorate the room on the first birthday of the child. A year-old child will experience the joy and surprise when you Wake up in the morning and see a bright and colorful decoration, soaring ceiling.

If parents in the design of the room decided to turn to professionals, the room can be decorated with arches, or garlands of balloons.

What else you can use to create a festive atmosphere if the birthday boy – a baby? Besides balloons, there are other options of how to decorate room for birthday. The child is 2 years? This means that the design should be bright, colorful and safe. In this case, it is ideal for all sorts of jewelry out of paper. Read more about it – in the next section.

Decorations out of paper

The Most famous paper decoration on holiday – this, of course, a banner with the inscription "happy birthday!” But besides this, there are many other decor options with the use of such material. For example, you can make beautiful three-dimensional balloons and flowers from colored corrugated paper and hang them on the upper part of the room using string. These ornaments swinging from side to side at the slightest movement of air, drawing attention to himself.

Light and airy garlands of butterflies – this is another version of how to decorate room for birthday. Child will love these decorations of colored paper located on the walls and doors of the premises.

If for the manufacture of such elements of decoration you don't have time, they can be purchased in specialized stores. In addition, there you can buy a paper or cardboard figures of fairy-tale or cartoon characters that the child likes and place them in the room. Baby will be happy such a magical hotel.

decorate the room with balloons for a child's birthdayAnother interesting idea – flower throne for the birthday child. To create such element of holiday décor you need to be large paper flowers. They can be made with your own hands, but you can buy in the store. To make a festive throne, need to decorate a chair with a backrest compositions of these flowers.

You can Also decorate the room with pictures on the birthday child. More about this in the next section.

Posters with pictures

If a child turns 10, you can decorate the room with posters of his photos. Such a design space will delight the birthday child and invited guests.

The topics of the posters can be varied. For example, can be pasted on Whatman some good pictures of the child, and the remaining empty places, parents, relatives and friends to write greetings and wishes.

You can Also make a poster containing pictures of the birthday boy from the first snapshot to the fresh. Attending the festival will be able to see how matured and changed in the child since its birth.

Cheer up collage made fromfunny photos of the birthday boy or shots where he is smiling.decorate the room for the first birthday of the child

Tree surprises – is another way how to decorate room for birthday. The child will appreciate such a surprise. The following section provides a detailed description of how to do this decoration.

Tree surprises

In order to produce a tree of surprises, require a dry branch of a fairly large size, vase or pot for her and aerosol spray paint. First you need to clean the future “trunk” wood surprises from dirt and dust. It is recommended to do this on the street. After a clean branch should be painted in the selected color using the spray.beautiful decorating a room for a child's birthdayNext, you should secure the base of the tree in a vase or pot. After you need to decorate every limb branches of small surprises. It is recommended to hang on the tree colored paper or cloth sacks in which will be a variety of sweets. This room decoration is sure to delight a five year old kid and his friends.

Inflatable toys

The Use of inflatable toys will help to quickly and unusually decorate the birthday boy. If the child is big enough, we'd say he was 5 years old, you can install an inflatable pool small size. It should be filled with special little colored balls of plastic that are often used in children's play areas. Kids love to “swimming” in such a pool. In addition, in the most unexpected places can host a variety of children's inflatable toys. The child will be pleasantly surprised when meeting them on their way.

Table of sweets

Candy Bar – another version of how to decorate room for birthday. The child was older and his friends the idea certainly will appeal. A table of small size should be placed separately from the holiday.decorate the room photos on the day of birthRefreshments will be vases with colourful and tasty jelly beans, a small “bouquets” of lollipops, original cookie or small cakes. It is also recommended to decorate the table of sweets balloons or garlands.

The Decoration of the room in a certain style

If you intend the children's theme holiday, then the room should be decorated in a certain style.

How nice to decorate a room for a child's birthday if a holiday will be held in the spirit of the pirate party? On the wall you want to attach the Jolly Roger, which parents can make of fabric or paper. Each chair at the Banquet table you need to decorate a black pirate flag. Birthday boy on the shoulder should sit a parrot. It may be just a toy. Also original will look paper bird made by parents. Or you can hang in the corner with a parrot cage. Near the wall is recommended to place the chest with piastres. And of course, black bandage on one eye for all guests.

how to decorate a room for birthday babyIf the birthday girl wants to be a fairy, you should decorate the entire room shiny or pink flowers, ribbons, garlands and balloons. For a little Princess you can make a throne, which was already mentioned in the article.


There are many options for festive decoration of the room on the day of birth of the child. For decoration you can use balloons, paper flowers, inflatable toys, pictures and sweets. Come to this creative process. Wait until the child is asleep, and late in the evening decorate his room. And let the next morning, the joy and excitement in a beloved children's eyes will be the best gift for you in the day of the birth of the baby.

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